Diese Seite ist eine Testumgebung zur Entwicklung von Webseiten mit dem Framework Flask, Vercel und github.

Dieser Absatz zeigt einen wichtigen Verweis, Link to something important und dessen erscheinen im Fließtext!

To Do's

  • basic structure of page
  • basic functions in html, css
  • database build and integration
Qui statuit aliquid parte inaudita altera,aequum licet statuerit, haud aequus fuit.

He is lost in a forest and he is starting to get scared. He is not sure what to do and he is starting to lose hope. He is tired and hungry and he is starting to give up. But then he remembers something his father told him. His father told him that if he ever got lost, he should just keep walking. He should never give up. So the man keeps walking. He walks for hours and hours. He is starting to get tired, but he keeps going. He knows that he has to keep going. He has to find his way home. Finally, after what seems like an eternity, the man sees a light in the distance. He runs towards it and soon he is out of the forest. He is home. He is safe.